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Find the right payment solution for individual merchant cases worldwide

Data-driven company for payment solutions and price comparison

Simplify Decision-Making

We are your go-to platform for comparing payment providers' prices and solutions offered by online, in-person, and mobile payment providers globally.

Empower Merchants

Our mission is to empower merchants to consistently choose the right payment solution at a fair price, ensuring transparency in the complex payment processing landscape.

Insightful Analytics

Receive fact-based analytics on the fintech and payments industry, guiding informed decision-making for your business.

Global Expansion

Supercharge your expansion in Europe and worldwide by selecting a data-driven, tailor-made payment solution aligned with customer preferences and cost-efficiency.


Unify all payment solutions into one ecosystem, streamlining your payment processing and eliminating fragmentation.

Instant Results

Our platform offers the fastest way to find a payment solution based on any business needs, providing instant and relevant results.


Benefit from a clear and structured approach, accessing enhanced and up-to-date information on all available payment solutions.


Payment Solutions


- Online Payments

- In-Person Payments

- Mobile Payments

- Cash Payments


- Payment Gateway

- Payment Orchestrator

- Payment Processor

- API Integration


Business Operations

Get Business Account: 

- Facilitate international transfers

- Enable card transfers

- Support local payment methods

- Dedicated multi-currency IBAN accounts

Whitelabel Solutions: 

- Seamlessly integrate payments without a financial license or developing infrastructure


Payment Options

Compare and Accept:

1000+ Open Banking Payment Solutions

- Local/Global card schemes

- Direct bank transfer

- Bank transfers

- Digital Wallets

- Recurring Payments

- Crypto Payments

- POS / QR

- Cash payments

- PIS (Payment Initiation Service)

- Banking Links

- Wire transfer

- Direct debit


Client Offerings


- Installment Payments

- Buy Now Pay Later

- Leasing

- Credit Cards

Data-driven company for payment solutions and price comparison

Get started with payments

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Accept Online Payments

  • Accept cards and alternative payment methods

  • Receive international transfers

  • Manage your corporate funds and make payouts

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